OEM Integration

Turn OEM challenges into aftermarket dream systems with JL Audio OEM Integration products.

Equipped with a powerful 24-bit DSP, with proprietary programming and correction algorithms, a FiX™ DSP combines the functions of a powerful audio analyzer, line output converter, digital delay, signal-summing preamplifier and multiple 30-band equalizers. These functional blocks are programmed to measure multiple factory audio signals, level match them, correct any delay, sum them, and then equalize them for flat response. All of this happens automatically, with the press of a button. The results are clean, flat audio signals you can build your dream system around.

By connecting a PC running our TüN™ Software, the FiX™ processors also offer 10-bands per output channel of user-adjustable graphic equalization, plus a full suite of signal analysis tools that help confirm and troubleshoot the integration process.

No other OEM integration product does what FiX™ can do.

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